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If I ●should feel that I had to talk to som●e one, to understand things,--would ▓you--might I-- May I come occa●sionally to tell you of any n▓ew developments Lyon asked, simply. T●hank you.It will be kind of y▓ou. I shall be very glad to▓ keep you informed.And then▓ he added deliberately, intending that howeve●r much she might veil her own sympathies▓ there should be no doubt in ●her mind as to his position, I am ▓a friend of Mr.Lawrence's.That is w●hy he entrusted me with this wor▓d for you.

She bowed, somewhat distantly,▓ without speaking, and Lyon left. When▓ he got outside, he allowed himself ●to indulge in a moment of puzzle▓d and half-reluctant admirati●on.What superb nerve! Her connection● with this mysterious case was evidently ●a close and vital one, yet she had he●ld herself so well in hand that it wa●s impossible for him to say now, after

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this● momentous interview, whether her sympa▓thies were with Lawrence or ▓not.She had most completely unders

tood and h▓eeded his injunction to keep silence, ▓at any rate.Was the injunction needed, ●in the face of such

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self-control● What was it that lay behind that sh▓ield Lyon felt as though his hands were bein●g bound by in

visible bands, and he ha●d a frantic desire to break hi▓s way clear and force a way to an ●understanding of t

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hings.Turnin▓g a corner he came upon the old grandfather ta●king his leisurely constitutional in the sun, ▓and instantly he realized that Prov▓idence had placed in his han●ds the means

of removing some of his assor▓ted varieties of ignorance,--if it is Providence▓ who helps a man when

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he is trying to peer ●into his neighbor's business.Ther●e may be a difference in the point of view as● to that.With a surreptitious glance at his wa▓

tch, he fell into step beside Mr.▓Wolcott. Your quiet neig●hborhood has made itself rathe●r notorious,

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he began, at a● safe distance from his objective ▓point.I suppose you first lea●rned of the murder through the p●apers this morning.Or did you hear the excitem●ent last night I heard th

●e grocer boy telling Eliza this m▓orning, Mr.Wolcott answered.▓ I don't read the paper very much.M

it, sh●e said quietly.Then

y eyesig●ht is all right,--my faculties are all a●s good as ever,--but they print● the papers in such fine ty

pe nowadays, I don'●t care to read them. Well, Miss Wolcott wo●uld surely have read it and noticed about● the murder. She wouldn't talk

about it. ▓ Of course it is not a pleasant thing▓ to talk about. That isn't all.You se▓e, Edith was engaged to marry th▓at Mr.Fullerton at one time.

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her splendid self-cont●rol

Really▓ This was so startling a piece of information ●that Lyon stopped short in his surprise, ▓trying to fit it into its place ●with th

e other things he knew or guessed.Re▓ally! Don't let on I told you, said▓ the old gentleman, confident●ially.Edith doe

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wavered for a moment.

sn't like to have me ●talk about her affairs.But that's the reason● she is so strange to-day.Maybe you didn't

▓notice, but she was very quiet▓ all day. Do you think that s●he cared for him still demanded Lyon. ▓ Oh, no, no! That's all pas▓t.But

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